Thursday, July 24, 2008

Republican Congressional Candidate Richard Grayson Urges Fellow Arizonans to Vote No on Proposition 102

PHOENIX, July 24 - Speaking this morning in front of the HoodRide Bodega on very cool North 5th Street, Fourth Congressional District Republican candidate Richard Grayson announced his opposition to Proposition 102 and asked his fellow Republican candidates and party officials, as well as all Arizonans, to reject the measure at the polls this November.

"Same-sex marriage is already illegal in Arizona under our statutes," Grayson told his audience. "We're facing a horrible recession; we still have a useless and endless war going on; inflation and foreclosures and problems getting affordable health care are making life tough for Arizonans -- so we have more important issues to address in 2008."

"We've already voted this down in 2006," Grayson said. "This is taking bigotry too far."