Friday, July 18, 2008

AZ-04 GOP U.S. House Candidate Richard Grayson Denounces "Ugly, Scurrilous Biped Rumors" About Primary Opponent Don Karg

PHOENIX, July 18 - Speaking on Power 98.3 FM during this morning's Da Nutz program, Arizona Fourth Congressional District Republican candidate Richard Hussein Grayson denounced the "ugly and scurrilous rumors" that his Sept. 2 primary opponent Don Karg is a biped.

"I don't where these disgusting smears started," Grayson told hosts Joeyboy and JPhilla, "but it seems they have legs. So I wanted to step forward and denounce them and deny that my wholesome campaign is the source of these rumors."

Grayson also called for the end of discussions about whether and how often Karg has matriculated. "When he ran in 2006, the Arizona Republic did an investigation of that," Grayson said. "The newspaper found no evidence that Mr. Karg had matriculated, and that should put an end to that unfounded rumor."

Grayson and Karg are running for the Republican nomination for the Fourth Congressional District seat currently held by Democrat Ed Pastor.