Saturday, August 9, 2008

Republican Congressional Candidate Richard Grayson Calls Sen. John McCain Immature, "Not Yet Ready to Be President"

PHOENIX, Aug. 9 - Campaigning on Central Avenue this afternoon, Fourth Congressional District Republican candidate Richard Grayson called fellow Arizonan John McCain "not yet ready to be President."

"McCain might have the seasoning necessary to do well in the Oval Office in another four or eight years," Grayson told a voter who asked about his feelings on the presidential contest. "For now, he's shown in this campaign that he's too immature and impetuous."

"I have no doubt that with a few more years of experience," Grayson said, "John McCain will eventually be grown-up enough to lead our nation. But not this year."

Grayson faces Don Karg in the Sept. 2 Republican primary for the Congressional seat currently held by Democrat Ed Pastor.