Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Arizona GOP Congressional Candidate Grayson Asks Americans to Commemorate the Bush Administration by Flushing Toilets at Noon on Inauguration Day 2009

Richard Grayson, Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Arizona's Fourth Congressional District, today asked all Americans to commemorate the achievements of the Bush administration by flushing their toilets at noon next January 20, when George W. Bush's second presidential term comes to an end.

"This is an appropriate way for our nation to salute the service of President Bush and the accomplishments of his administration," Grayson said in a press conference today in Central Phoenix. "It will help all Americans to release their pent-up feelings about everything our President has done in his eight years in office. I hope to be in Washington as a Republican Congressman to lead the nation in this tribute, but I ask everyone in Arizona to join us in our salute to a great American leader."

Mr. Grayson faces Don Karg in the September 2 AZ-04 GOP primary.